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Bird flu, also known as avian influenza, refers to influenza A viruses that usually affect birds. Bird flu is similar to swine flu, dog flu, horse flu and human flu as an illness caused by strains of influenza viruses that have adapted to a specific host. Outbreaks of avian influenza viruses later increased in frequency. Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious type of influenza that spreads among birds. · Hens, turkeys and other captive birds in Britain will have to be kept indoors from 14 December to prevent the spread of bird flu, the government has said.

These viruses occur naturally among wild aquatic birds worldwide and can infect domestic poultry and other bird and animal species. Out of the three types of influenza viruses ( A, B, and C ), Bird Flu influenza A virus is a zoonotic infection with a natural reservoir almost entirely in birds. Other helpful resources include: Officials Confident that Tennessee Bird Flu Situation Has Been Contained () Fast Action May Have Averted a Major Bird Flu Outbreak () U. Not medical advice. Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a viral infection spread from bird to bird. The government does have a supply of a vaccine for one type of H5N1 bird flu virus and could distribute it if there was an outbreak that spread easily from person to person. However, in Great Britain we’ve defined a number of areas as ‘Higher Risk Areas’ (HRAs). Consult a doctor for medical advice.

About 11,000 birds will be slaughtered and buried after avian influenza was discovered at an egg farm in Higashiomi city in Shiga prefecture in southwestern Japan, the agriculture ministry said over the weekend. Outbreaks of bird flu have occurred in Asia, Africa, North America and parts of Europe. There are no movement restrictions in place at the moment.

People with bird flu may develop life-threatening complications, including: 1. Fewer than 500 bird flu deaths have been reported to the World Health Organization since 1997. However, outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) have been found in poultry and wild birds in several countries across Europe. If you keep poultry or other captive birds, you must take action to reduce the risk of disease in your flock by following government advice on biosecurity. .

. And it&39;s deadly to humans and to other mammals that catch the virus from birds. In most cases, they resemble those of conventional influenza, including: Cough. The disease spreads from bird to bird by direct contact or through contaminated body fluids and faeces. · - Severe bird flu has been found in a chicken herd in Randers. Avian influenza viruses can be classified according to their ability to cause severe disease (pathogenicity) as either highly pathogenic or low pathogenic. · Avian Influenza A, also known as bird flu, has caused a number of outbreaks around the world over the years.

The last big outbreak was between November and March, when a total of 1. The H5N8 strain of avian influenza was confirmed at farms in Suffolk, Lancashire and Lincolnshire, and in backyard flocks in Lancashire, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, and Carmarthenshire. Some strains of bird flu can pass to humans but this is very rare.

In some cases, bird flu can cause serious complications and death. Laboratory tests. It is known that the LPAI H5 and H7 virus subtypes can mutate into the highly pathogenic form that causes serious il. Shortness of breath Some people also experience nausea, Bird Flu vomiting or diarrhea. In birds we are mainly concerned with H5 and H7 subtypes. increased mortality Clinical signs can vary between species of bird and some species (for example ducks and geese) may show minimal clinical signs. · Japan&39;s worst bird flu outbreak on record spread to new farms and now affects more than 20% of the country&39;s 47 prefectures, with.

If you keep poultry (including game birds or as pets), you should follow our biosecurity best practice advice. It is rare for people to get infected with bird flu viruses, but it can happen. The UK does not currently have outbreaks of bird flu.

If all or part of your premises is in a Higher Risk Area you should follow biosecurity advice to protect your birds. Disease control zones would be declared with movement restrictions and controls on birds, meat, eggs, and anything likely to spread disease within the zones. Bird flu occurs naturally in wild waterfowl and can spread into domestic poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. Most of the people who get bird flu have had close contact with infected birds or with surfaces that have been contaminated by the birds&39; saliva, mucous, or droppings. Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) is usually less serious.

These drugs must be taken within two days after the appearance of symptoms. How long does bird flu last? It first came about in the early 1900s in Italy, and quickly spread through America. People with bird flu may develop life-threatening complications, including: Although bird flu may kill more than half the people it infects, the number of fatalities is still low because so few people have had bird flu. © Mayo Clinic Check if your premises is within an HRA on our interactive map. · Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious viral illness that affects mainly birds. The Food and Drug Administration has approved one vaccine to prevent infection with one strain of H5N1 bird flu virus. There are 2 types of avian influenza.

67 million chickens were culled due to the H5N6 strain of bird flu. · Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a viral infection that can infect not only birds, but also humans and other animals. Biosecurity means simple procedures or steps you can take to prevent disease.

The Avian Influenza and Influenza of Avian Origin in Mammals (Scotland) Order The Avian Influenza (Slaughter and Vaccination) (Scotland) Regulations The Avian Influenza (Preventive Measures) (Scotland) Order The Avian Influenza (H5N1 in Poultry) (Scotland) Order The Avian Influenza (H5N1 in Wild Birds) (Scotland) Order. See more results. Although the country is free from Highly Pathogenic Avian influenza (HPAI) experience over the winters of 20, coupled with scientific and veterinary opinion indicates that migratory wild waterfowl (e.

It usually requires very close contact between the human and infected birds. · Citing the bird-based Spanish Flu outbreak of 1920, and the H5N1 outbreak in Hong Kong in 1997, Gregor writes, “the worry is that the virus never stands still but is always mutating. See full list on medlineplus. It is often fatal in birds. Bird flu, a viral respiratory disease of poultry and other bird species, including migratory waterbirds, that can be transmitted to humans.

Japan&39;s worst bird flu outbreak on record spread to new farms this week Bird Flu and has been found in around a quarter of the country&39;s 47 prefectures, with officials ordering more cullings. Disease control strategy. Technically, H5N1 is a highly pathogenic avian influenza ( HPAI ) virus. Avian flu, or bird flu, refers to a group of diseases that result Bird Flu from infections with specific influenza viruses. Avian flu, which spreads mainly through migratory birds, has been detected on several Dutch farms since October.

Other articles from webmd. Can bird flu kill you? In very few instances, bird flu has been transmitted from one human to another. When bird flu does strike humans, it can be deadly.

The same strain of the virus was also found in wild birds in England, Scotland and Wales. More than a dozen types of bird flu have been identified, including the two strains that have most recently infected humans — H5N1 and H7N9. If you are very ill, you may need to be hospitalized. Currently, a particularly deadly strain of bird flu -- H5N1 -- continues to spread among poultry in Egypt and in. Avian influenza, or “bird flu,” is a contagious disease caused by viruses that normally infect birds only. EU regulations require that member states identify areas of the country where the.

NewsNow aims to be the world&39;s most accurate and comprehensive aggregator of bird flu news, covering avian influenza updates from the best news sources. There have also been some rare cases of other types of bird flu affecting people in the United States. There are two forms of avian influenza: low pathogenicity (LPAI) and high pathogenicity (HPAI). All areas in Great Britain remain at risk of bird flu in wild birds. To ensure good biosecurity, all poultry keepers should: 1. In rare cases, it can affect humans. Every bird flu story from every site is brought to you automatically and continuously 24/7, within around 10 minutes of publication. The disease is transmitted via contact with an infected bird&39;s feces, or secretions from its nose, mouth or eyes.

· Japan’s last outbreak of bird flu was in January, also in Kagawa prefecture, when 91,000 chickens were culled. The avian influenza virus changes frequently, creating new strains, and there is a constant risk that one of the new strains may spread easily among people. It can cause mild breathing problems, but affected birds will not always show clear signs of infection.

In contrast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that seas. We summarise any current issues for UK poultry and poultry product exports on our topical issues page. These samples must be taken within the first few days after symptoms appear. It usually requires very close contact between humans and infected birds. Many influenza viruses have become resistant to the effects of a category of antiviral drugs that includes amantadine and rimantadine (Flumadine). Often, the symptoms are similar to the seasonal flu, such as. respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling, rattling 5. Find out more at: bird flu and human health.

The first known human cases were reported in 1997. Bird flu illness in people can range from mild to severe. Wild waterfowl and gulls (particularly migratory species) pose a continual threat for the direct and indirect introduction of these viruses into premises w. When bird flu was detected in the. X-rays may be useful in assessing the condition of your lungs, which can help determine the proper diagnosis and the best treatment options for your signs and symptoms. An outbreak of bird flu in a small hobby or backyard flock can have an impact on commercial poultry sector through both the introduction of movement restrictions and temporary loss of exports with other countries. Thousands of chickens to be culled after bird flu found on Dutch farm;. 2 In rare instances, the virus crosses the species barrier and infects pigs or humans.

We also have a collection of guidance and forms for importing and exporting live animals or animal products. The greatest risk factor for bird flu seems to be contact with sick birds or with surfaces contaminated by their feathers, saliva or droppings.

Bird Flu

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